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Autumn is coming, honest.

I know that it is a hard idea to grasp with temperatures still close to 100 degrees but Fall is just around the corner. The signs are there. First of course is that daylight is getting shorter. But there are other signs that are quite encouraging.

Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons, with Autumn being I think the best of the two. I grew up in Virginia along the Blue Ridge Parkway in the mountains in the little town of Floyd. If you want to see something absolutely breathtaking, stop at an overlook on the Parkway in October. The fall colors are amazing.

Deciduous trees are in Texas, just not in the same numbers, especially in the part of the world I live in. My red maple and the black walnuts are already showing a bit of change in their leaves.

The biggest change I have noticed though is the sunlight. Sunlight in Summer is a bright hot orangy yellow. But when Autumn is here the sunlight becomes a softer paler yellow.

So take heart, the sunlight is getting softer. Step outside and enjoy for yourself. I don't think you have to retire your shorts and short sleeve shirts just yet but it may be getting close to time to locate that box of long sleeve tees and a jacket.

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