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April Fool's Day

Today is April Fool's Day, or All Fools Day if you like. Today is much more than that for me. The writing world as I know it has changed, and for the better. I was a bit foolish in how I had originally set out to be a writer.

There is such a thing as patience which I found that I lacked when it came to getting out there and trying to conquer the literary world.

Well, guess what I learned. You better find some, especially if you want to do well.

So, I regrouped, admitted first to myself, that I needed to make some changes, and to get some help reaching my goals.

I found a wonderful editor, dropped the company I was published with, developed my own publishing company, etc.

As you have seen in an earlier post, Dragon Mountain Press has come into the picture. The Knight and the Lioness will be retired, or revamped I should say.

With the help of Mindy Reed of The Author's Assistant in Austin, Texas, it underwent a thorough edit. Also in the course of its facelift a new cover is in the works as we speak.

So, tada, now we have Dark Lord of Kismera. It is still Drace and Ki's lovestory, but will be so much better.

It will be released in June through Dragon Mountain Press. If all goes as planned, the sequel, Lexin's Quest will be released in early December.

As information is available I will post here, as well as my Facebook page.

There will be some book giveaways, and some fun contests too.

And yes, there is a third book in the works. Email me your guesses as to who you think the characters in that story might be. Put Book 3 in the subject line.

As you probably have figured by now, it's a series. The series title is Knights of Kismera.

So lots of changes and improvements. I hope you stick with me cause it's going to be a fun ride!

Happy April Fool's Day!!

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