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Dark Lord of Kismera             Release date: June2015
BEST ROMANCE, 2016 GOLD MEDALIST — Texas Authors Inc  


Easy-going Drace MacKinnon loves his job playing a hero knight in an equestrian themed dinner theater in Las Vegas. Fate, a dragon and an ancient god have other plans for him. Abducted by magic, Drace is thrust into the medieval world of the Werre, shape-shifting warriors. Leading them is the woman warrior, Ki, whose spirit matches the lioness she can become. While beautiful, she is also arrogant and deadly. Forced together to fight an old enemy of her people, love becomes their destiny. A love that is hard to keep.




Lexin's Quest

Release date; February 2016



Called back from Oralia to serve the High King, Lexin of Bellmore is sent on a quest for a lost son long thought dead. The seemingly futile quest is made more difficult by secrets Lexin has learned prior to his departure, ones that alienate him from kin and any hope for love. Cerise MacKinnon is kinswoman to the Dark Lord of Kismera and his wife Ki, ruler of Oralia. With feelings for Lexin left unexplored when he departed for the High Kingdom, Cerise uses her viable talents to ensconce herself in the castle in order to contribute to the prosperity of Oralia. When Lexin returns, seeking aid in his search, Cerise finds a way to insert herself into the mission, hoping to rekindle the spark between them.


Keeper of the Dragon's Tears            Release date: March 2018


Egyptologist Magdalene Shaffer finds more than antiquities when she discovers a treasure of dragon tears. She escapes a brutal attack with the aid of an ancient god and the magic of the tears.

Maggie takes refuge, as a stow-a-way, in a trade caravan heading to Kismera, home to the Werre. Her escort is Cearan Lionblade, brother to the infamous Ki Lionblade. As they travel to Oralia, Cearan falls for the feisty flame-haired beauty.

His love is tested when Maggie is kidnapped and he must follow her, calling on the power of the lion that lives within him, as he goes into a world full of unknown dangers.



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