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Happy New Year!!

I had planned to make a post on the first day of 2015. Unfortunately the internet decided to go wonky and so no such

luck with that one.

I have continued to move into the modern age and now am on Twitter. Catch me there @HartlTamaraH. That has proved to be kinda fun. I've also joined Linkedin as well. If I can master this site I will be AWESOME. Haha. Well maybe not awesome but it's a goal.

I think this will be the year of lots of great things, both with my writing and with my family. My New Year's Resolution is to be deligent with keeping current on social media.

I must finish here as the horses are demanding their breakfast and the roosters are crowing that it is time for me to let them and their girls out of the coop. It's a cold and rainy day here in Texas so the roos are a bit crazy in wanting out. I'm sure not stoked to go out.

Here is wishing all a wonderful and exciting 2015!

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