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character profile, Drace MacKinnon

I introduce to you Drace MacKinnon. He is tall, dark..., and handsome of course. More specific he is 6'3", with an athletic build. He has brunette hair(mahogany) which he likes to wear long and blue/gray eyes that tend to change shades with his emotions. Drace loves and respects women in general, (his mother raised him right) and is very protective of his Aunt Cerise who is nearly his age. This behavior has him in a dilemma when he meets Ki Lionblade. He finds himself at first really disliking her. I can't go into details on that as that will give away a bit of the story.

He is a talented horsemen and is an actor in a equestrian dinner theater in Las Vegas. He is also proficient with a sword and a lance.

All these characteristics are what make him a pawn in the prophecy of the guardian dragons in another plane. If Drace intrigues you check out Dark Lord of Kismera.

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