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On Blogging.

Hey all of you out there. It's cooling down here in Texas. For those of you who know, Texas cool isn't like the rest of the states' kinda cool.

I have been busy, not just at work and chasing the kids, but with the writing.

What exactly does that mean, you ask.

Well, I will tell you. I needed some help. Haha, not the mental kind although some will debate that. No, I realized that I had questions that I could not answer all on my lonesome. I had met a wonderful lady at the Writer's League of Texas Conference in June who does just what I needed.

Mindy Reed has a company called Author's Assistant. She does exactly what the name implys. She assists. With whatever the writer has a question on. The only thing she can't do is write for you. But that is the great part. Yes, I still have to do other things beside the writing but now it's not this great mystery and it's going to be FUN. Thanks Mindy!

I had been thinking, "What in the world will I have to say on a Blog besides character bios and book stuff?"

While cleaning stalls, (a great place to ponder.) I thought, "Whatever I feel like talking about. I will not bore you with mundane things like folding socks or what I bought at the grocery store.

I'm a horse trainer by trade so I'm full of horsey information and stories. We rescue animals at my house so there are lots of fun things to share there.

I do have a daughter who is a senior this year so I may have to do a little mommy bragging.

Sorry in advance. And I am very proud of the younger daughter as well.

There are some changes coming for Dark Lord of Kismera. The next book has had its professional edit so hopefully there will be something to report on it as well. Also there are some short stories coming out very soon.

Yes, I have something to blog about. Watch out world here I come!

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